I understand what it’s like to see countless medical professionals, spend thousands of dollars on numerous supplements, and feel you are getting nowhere. I’ve spent many years at battle in my own body. 

From hormone imbalances, that manifested as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), PMDD (a severe form of PMS), mid-cycle breast tenderness, depression and anxiety. To mold toxicity, that expressed itself as debilitating panic attacks, low thyroid, fainting spells, and low blood pressure. To gut imbalances, that showed up as bloating, chronic skin issues, histamine intolerance, SIBO, and food sensitivities.

I know how frustrating it is to know something is deeply wrong in the body, yet feeling unseen and unheard by healthcare professionals. I understand the hopelessness of being dismissed and not receiving the answers to why your health continues to decline while your labs are “normal.”

Out of determination to heal my own health challenges, I began to self-study the role nutrition plays in wellness.  I dove head first into learning about medicinal plants and mushrooms. I went on to formally train in western herbalism at Gaiananda Herbal Studies and continued education at Northwest School for Botanical Studies. 

I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I learned key nutrition concepts, dietary theories, and the latest in nutrition science. I have taken countless functional medicine courses in gut health, women’s health, hormone balance, autoimmune disorders, and functional lab analysis.  

I blend these paths with my formal training in psychology and counseling to create a program that encompasses mind, body and spirit; with the knowledge that when one area is out of balance, the others follow suit.

I like to see myself as a medical detective—identifying patterns and connecting the dots. I take a functional approach to health by looking for the root cause of symptoms. I take the time to get to know you that goes beyond your symptoms to better understand your health. 

In Root Cause Sessions, we dive deep into your health history, the story of your current symptoms, when they started, what was going on in your life, what has helped, and what hasn’t. You will undergo a thorough and in-depth initial assessment where we explore what your diet, exercise, relationships, emotions, and lifestyle look like.

We evaluate stressors and discuss tools to bring your body back into alignment. I will recommend and evaluate functional lab tests to get a better view of what’s going with your unique body. We work together to learn what type of lifestyle tweaks are needed for radical health transformation. Let’s get to the ROOT of your persistent health imbalances.

Conditions Treated

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)
  • Hormonal Imbalances, Mood Instability, Fibrocystic Breasts, Fatigue Leading Up to Menstruation
  • Missing Periods/Painful Periods
  • Digestive Complaints
  • Histamine Intolerance
  • Mold Toxicity
  • SIBO/IBS/Candida Overgrowth
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Acne and Chronic Skin Conditions
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain

Optional Add-Ons


The DUTCH Complete™ is the most advanced hormone test, offering an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones and melatonin, along with their metabolites, to identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Easily collected in the comfort of your own home, samples are then sent to lab to be processed.


GI-MAP™ tests for GI pathogens, opportunistic organisms, normal flora, and markers of GI health including bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi/candida, inflammation, and immune function.


MYCOTOX screens for eleven different mycotoxins, from 40 species of mold, in one urine sample.


This at-home test measures environmental toxins that may affect your overall health and wellness.

Afraid of commitment? No problem! I also offer single 1 hour or 2 hour sessions. We discuss your symptoms and health history and I use this information to construct a treatment plan that involves plant medicine and advice for lifestyle tweaks.

This is recommended for those who feel they already have a pretty solid hold on their health but are in need of a little extra guidance. No email support, blood work evaluation, functional labs, discounts on supplements, or meal plans available in single sessions.

***Free 20 minute exploratory call available so we can get a feel for if we are a good fit for one another.

I’ll be honest. Root Cause will challenge you. It requires willingness and perseverance. It asks how ready you are to let go of outdated ways of living that aren’t in alignment with optimal health. It’s a restructuring. A renovation. A tearing down the walls of deeply ingrained patterns that keep you stuck in chronic disease.

It will trigger you. You won’t feel like showing up for it sometimes. That’s okay. I’m here to walk you through the many challenges that may arise along the way. Life is often a matter of what hurts worse. If you’ve reached a place where living with your symptoms hurts worse than making the changes necessary for healing, you’ve found your spot. Let’s stop chasing symptoms and get to the root cause!

Reach out to to book your free 20 minute discovery call.